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I am writing my testimony because I know there are many in this world who have had or still struggle with the same type of sins that kept me bound for over half my life. There is freedom and it is found only through Christ Jesus of Nazareth, the Savior Who takes away the sin of the world. I pray you find freedom and eternal life in Him.

I grew up in a wonderful, loving family. To this day all seven of my siblings and myself are very close. I believe it is because we had parents who loved us and loved each other. We were also a religious family who went to church every Sunday and all holy days of the church. 

Even though I grew up in a religious family, I was not born again. I did not know Jesus and the power that comes from a relationship with Him.

When I was eight, I was shown pornography. Instantly I was hooked and my life was turned upside down. I wasn’t looking for this and can truly say I had no sexual thoughts before this, but when my eyes saw it, my innocence was stolen that very moment.

All of a sudden I wanted to see more. I started stealing magazines out of stores where before, I hadn’t noticed them. I would enter into homes where I knew there were magazines. No one back then in my small town locked their doors, so I became a thief. Once you start down that route, you have to become a good liar and I became very good at lying.

All of the interests that I had before seeing porn were lost. I was a pretty avid reader as a kid, but I stopped reading. All the dreams I had about traveling the world and adventure were gone. I did not care about anything except my gratification. I believed the lie that God had made me this way and He understood. I would actually tell people that later in life to justify my behavior.  

I found out at 14 that I had musical talent. I picked up a bass guitar and within a month, I was in a garage band. It was the first and only thing that took my mind off of perversion.  I excelled at bass and started playing high school dances. Being a musician only got me deeper in bondage. Girls are drawn to musicians and I took full advantage of it. 

Hanging out with other musicians, I was introduced to smoking marijuana and loved it. They say it’s not physically addictive but for me, mentally and emotionally, I could not put it down. I simply did not want to go without it. 

I eventually left home and toured the country with several groups and got deeper into my bondages. Besides smoking pot, there were other drugs I liked, especially cocaine. It just sucked me deeper into the pit of hell. I knew deep in my heart that what I was doing was wrong, but I kept telling myself that one day, I’d have it all together.

I lived in Memphis Tennessee for about a year but ended up moving to Dallas Texas in 1975. I continued to play music but also got into the hair business and built a successful following. That was also a business that surrounded me with women.  In 1979 I met two musicians and we formed a band that became very popular. I believed that this was the band that was going to fulfill my dreams of musical success. During this time, I continued in the hair business. 

Even though I was close to realizing my dreams, I started seeking answers to life because I was running on empty. I paid good money to have my astrological charts done, attended an EST seminar, checked out Scientology, horoscopes and several other religious activities. All of these proved to be futile. I just knew in my Spirit they were man-made nonsense. I went back to the church I grew up in and still felt an emptiness. Nothing sparked me. I was dead inside and I knew it.

One day I was working in my yard and I was flipping through radio stations and I heard this voice that just captured my full attention. I  was compelled to listen and was hearing the Gospel of Christ for the first time in my life. This man was preaching with authority and I loved it. The next day I listened to him again and every time I heard him, I felt a strong conviction but for the first time, there was no condemnation along with it. I felt peace hearing what he had to say. I knew it was the truth.

After a few days, I decided to listen to this station all day to see what else was on. I heard the glorious gospel of Christ from many different teachers and every one of them were teaching different stories and books of the Bible and I was so excited that they all fit together like a puzzle. I knew I had to make a decision. I gave my heart to the Lord in full surrender. It was 1984.

Very quickly I had to make a decision about the band I was in because we were about a month out from signing with a major record label. Everything I had worked so hard for was about to come to fruition. Would I stay with the band and possibly hit the big time where every vice known to man is at your fingertips or would I leave and trust God with my life? The decision was made in a very short time.

I decided to quit the band and remain in the hair business. If I only cut hair and told people about Jesus for the rest of my life, I’d do it. I continued in the hair business and God blessed me with a great clientele. Over the years I led many clients and coworkers to Christ.

In December of 1999, I prayed for God to give me a new gift for the new millennium. I asked Him to draw out whatever talents He placed in me and for it to be a witness for Him around the world. I also asked that whatever He would choose for me, I would have the same passion as I had for music. I prayed that prayer and let it go. I didn’t think about it again because I knew the Lord heard it. Over the years, He proved to me that He listens to my prayers and had answered so many of them in great detail. 

I’ve always wanted to learn to weld and found out in May of 2000 there was a 24 hour welding course a couple of miles from my home. I took the course and the first thing I made were three crosses. I took one to my salon, hung it on the wall and about an hour later, someone walked out with it. I had sold my first cross. I hung another and again, it sold almost immediately. After about 40-50 crosses sold, my business partner turned to me and said this was the answer to my prayer. I asked what she was talking about? I was having so much fun, I did not realize this was it.

I asked the Lord if this was the answer to my prayer, would He give me a few designs. Before I knew it, I started to get downloads of designs into my spirit. One of my clients told me I should apply for an art show. I hesitated, thinking people at art shows wouldn’t be interested in crosses. I applied and was accepted. The reponse of the crowd blew me away, people loved them!

It is important to say here that I did not have anyone teach me the techniques that I use. Of course, when you do anything in repetition, you pick up little tricks. It was amazing how God would highlight little things to me on a regular basis and before I knew it, I was creating steel art that looked like nothing else on the planet. God is a really good teacher if you’ll listen and learn from Him.

I asked God to give me designs that reflect a biblical story or meaning and He has done that for me. When people come to our space when we do shows, we have the meanings of each piece printed next to the design and people are moved by the stories. 

My first show was in 2001 and I’ve never looked back. I have done hundreds of shows across America and built a following. In 2010, I married Michelle and she is my best friend, the perfect wife and business partner. (You can read more about her here.) Together we run our company, Jeweled Steel by Broussard and sell our crosses all over the world. Even the Church of England has ordered two custom crosses from us.

Our purpose is to Share the Gospel of Christ through Art! All that we do is focused on sharing the Gospel of Christ Jesus. If you do not know Jesus and would like to accept Him to your heart, read this.

I want to close with this. My struggles did not disappear overnight when I became a Christian. It took a long time to renew my mind to be totally free. God gives us a new heart for Him, but we are still in control of our thoughts and actions. I made many wrong decisions after becoming a Christian. Believing that God loved me unconditionally is what set me free from the bondage of sin. The Holy Spirit helped me fall in love with the Savior of my soul and the Creator of everything. He can do the same for you.

There is no greater joy than to know that He is with me and for me. The joy of the Lord is my strength and now I am free to live for Him!

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