Bicycle Billy

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Bicycle Billy

By: Amber Furr – Inspired by a true story

As we walked out of IHOP yesterday,

We met a man parking his bicycle along the way. You could tell he had endured a hard life,

Just by his gray hair and the sadness in his crystal blue eyes. His bicycle, painted by hand, almost the color of army green,

With a tapestry of a skull wrapped around the front and a seat that was ripped at the seams.

There was a tiny pair of binoculars hanging down from the bar,

I noticed also laid across the back was a jacket that was ripped up and scarred. Bicycle Billy was his name.

As he began to talk about the mistakes he’s made, his walk of shame. He had served in the Army as a truck driver for years,

Seemed he was proud then moved slightly to tears. He began to talk about his life after the Army,

How he had gotten DWl’s, many he said.

So that told me he was trying to drown out visions of things remembered that played over and over inside his head.

He also talked about not having a home, being in jail, no license, receiving many tickets that he could not pay.

Also receiving several tickets on his bicycle for his lights not being on display.

At that moment God impressed on me to thank him for his service and place five dollars in his hand.

I know this is not much, and you did not ask, but  God loves you so much, he loves you right where you’re at.”

Bicycle Billy said, “Yes ma’am, I believe, and every once in a while, he sends angels like you to remind me of just that.”

As tears ran down Bicycle Billy’s cheeks, mom stepped out of the truck and gave him twenty dollars and said, “here, get you something to eat.”

With eyes filled with amazement, not from the money you see, but from the power of the presence of God that stirred up Bicycle Billy’s beliefs.

As we hugged Bicycle Billy and began to walk away, Bicycle Billy said he would be praying for us and asked us our names.

As we began to leave, Bicycle Billy approached us once more. This time with things on a chain, things he adored.

He handed a ring to Mom that bears a cross.

Let me take a moment from this story, one slight pause.

A couple of months earlier, my Mom had mentioned that she didn’t hear God’s voice like people proclaimed.

I said, “Mom you will hear God’s voice, he speaks to all of us the same, in a small still voice he speaks.”

Mom heard God’s voice that day sitting in the truck.

When God told Mom to give Bicycle Billy that twenty bucks. Now God has given a gift to her through Bicycle Billy.

From someone who moments before thought he was nothing and had a life that most people pitied.

A gift that had a cross.

Wow isn’t that just like our heavenly father to show up and save all that’s lost? Little did I know how God would use Bicycle Billy to change my life that day.

He reminded me how much he loves us in so many ways.

God reminded me that he loves us even though we make mistakes. That he is the only true God, he will never change.

He meets us right where we are, he knows our names, hears all prayers, and he sees our pain.

For you see, Bicycle Billy wasn’t the only one that needed the Lord that day.

I too, needed God in a special way.

He reminded me to never lose sight of the cross.

To remember that he died for us so that we would have life and never be lost. To always be humble, never quick to judge.

To always show we care.

To take time to speak to strangers because they are the true angels the Bible speaks of that are being entertained unaware.

So, thank you God for allowing me to experience how you truly love. Thank you, Bicycle Billy, for sharing your story.

For now, it is being used as part of mine for his glory. Oh, how I will never forget that day,

The presence of the Lord and the love he displayed.

Narrator’s Note:

When we lay down all we think that defines us, All that is left is flesh and the Spirit within.

Standing side by side we are Bicycle Billy’s twin.

Only thing to separate us from one another is who we serve in the end.

Thank you for taking the time to read Bicycle Billy!

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Bicycle Billy

As we walked out of IHOP yesterday, We met a man parking his bicycle along the way. You could tell he had endured a hard life. Click to read more about Bicycle Billy.

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12 thoughts on “Bicycle Billy

  1. Wow! Amazing story. And this was a true divine appointment! I’ll be praying for Bicycle Billy. And glad the Lord used you and your mom in his life and him in both of yours.

  2. Thank you, Karen!

  3. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. We have many opportunities each day to show God’s love. I pray I will always be alert for those opportunities.

  4. Thank you for sharing this story! Other’s testimonies are so helpful and encouraging to our faith!

  5. What tremendous encouragement there is in this story. And what a great God who graces both giver and recipient. Lovely!

  6. Such a beautiful story! I love how God works in the details to show Himself, His love and His power to restore. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Love how the Lord orchestrates divine appointments!

  8. What a beautiful testament to love!! It’s wonderful how God works through us all in so many ways.

  9. How beautiful! Thank you for humanizing this homeless man and taking the time to listen to and share his story. Often, their need to be seen and heard outweighs their physical needs. I’m also glad the Lord used this broken vessel to minister to your mom.

  10. It’s wonderful when God speaks to us through divine meetings. God bless you and your family.

  11. Those moments when we step up to someone we wouldn’t usually interact with, and then we come away from the encounter knowing that we were right – we had heard the Lord’s leading and we stepped toward it, rather than ignoring and running away. Those moments are ones we remember, for we did interact with the angelic, and we did follow the Lord right into that interaction. Lives were impacted, ours as much as theirs, when we took the time to speak a few words, offer food or resources, and send them on their way knowing that someone saw them and that Jesus loves them. Thank you for sharing this story. Others of us are out there too, listening, having these conversations, and trying to be the hands and feet of Jesus wherever we go. God bless you, sister!

  12. I love to hear stories where God blesses the obviously needy and the not-so-obviously needy at the same time!

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