The Cross – God’s Chosen Instrument

Do you not find it odd that the most brutal instrument of death known to man has become very fashionable? Why don’t people wear little guillotines or slip knots around their necks as they do crosses? The answer is because Jesus Christ, the Son of God Incarnate, died on one. This is the reason the…

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A Prayer Walk Leads to Death to Discover Love

Prayer walking death love God

A few weeks ago, I was speaking about New Age practices at an Intercessor’s conference. The speaker before me talked about prayer walking. He told incredible testimonies from his prayer walks in the Finger Lakes of New York. His lecture inspired me to prayer walk my area of Dallas, Texas. When I returned home, I…

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Victory over the Treadmill aka Dreadmill

How I obtained Victory over the Treadmill aka Dreadmill. Several days ago as I was walking the dogs, I got this strange urge to run a marathon.  Now I have never had the urge to run a marathon and actually I really don’t like or enjoy running.  I much prefer cycling and would rather cycle…

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Overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I wrote this post in 2012, please click here to read an update for 2019. All I can say is WOW!  This past weekend I attended the Be In Health seminar in Dallas. What a life changing encounter!  I owned the book, A More Excellent Way, by Dr. Henry Wright for many years. After doctors…

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Jeweled Steel by Broussard in Landscape Architecture magazine

To read the entire article, use the following link: Three million dollars worth of monumental sculptures have been donated to The Coming King Foundation for display at a 23-acre Sculpture Prayer Garden on Interstate 10 in Kerrville, Texas. David Broussard and two other professional American sculptors, Beverly Paddleford of Lander, Wy., and Max Greiner of Kerrville,…

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Dallas Morning News Article

David Broussard jeweled steel crosses

For the entire article, please go to the following link: David Broussard has turned metal into a ministry. About 10 years ago, the former musician and hairstylist began experimenting with welding and ended up creating something, well, glorious. Using a technique called flame painting, Broussard takes an ordinary, dull piece of carbon steel and…

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