Michelle’s Journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Many people have asked why I choose to write about overcoming disease and illness. My answer is simple, I live with it and overcome it daily. Some days are better than others.  Here is my story.

When I was 14, I had back surgery to correct spondylolisthesis which is a disease that causes one of the lower vertebrae to slip.  The surgeon fused L5 with S1, the base of my lumbar spine to the top of my sacroiliac joint. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and I enjoyed most activities throughout high school.  Once I got to college I had to make sure to work out and stretch regularly to avoid low back pain. As a result, I became very active in the fitness world.  I was a competitive boxer, a road cyclist, a mountain biker and adventure racer.

In my late 20’s, I started to experience swelling in the index finger knuckle of my left hand. I believed it to be from boxing so I was not really concerned. Also in my late 20’s, I had knee surgery, foot surgery and wrist surgery. I recovered from each event well and continued my active lifestyle.

I proceeded into my 30’s experiencing a divorce and a going back to school to become an acupuncturist. I was very aware of my health and took great care of my physical body by eating right and exercising. However, I neglected the spiritual and emotional aspect of me. Once I graduated from acupuncture school and began my practice, I focused even more on my diet and health.

Several years into practicing acupuncture, I began to experience severe fatigue. I would have to rest between patients and I began drinking at least 2 – 3 Red Bulls a day to keep going which was something I had not ever done before. The fatigue increased and I began experiencing a very high fever (103 degrees). I was so accustomed to pain and just pushing through I kept working in spite of the fever.  After days of unrelenting fever, I finally went to the ER and discovered I had a severe kidney infection. I spent the next 4 days in the hospital hooked up to antibiotic IVs. The fever broke and the kidney infection cleared with no damage to my kidneys.  

Soon after I left the hospital, I began having severe joint pain and swelling. I could not sleep, walk or function. Believe it or not, I attempted to hike thru the Canadian Rockies in this state which is when I began taking leftover Hydrocodone for pain. I still refused to acknowledge that anything was wrong. If you are wondering, the trip was brutal and alcohol and hydrocodone became my pain control methods.

After I returned home, I was sitting in my closet wanting to die because the pain was so intense.  I was on the phone with my sister-in-law and she strongly encouraged me to get out of the closet and go to the doctor. I was treated for depression and soon after discovered I had Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Fortunately, I did not get hooked on Hydrocodone but I did continue to drink to deal with all the pain.

The irony is that I began experiencing Hashimoto’s Disease and  Rheumatoid Arthritis when I thought I was doing every right. I was working with a functional medicine doctor and eliminated gluten, dairy, sugar, and many other foods. I was eating a high protein diet and taking so many supplements I needed extra storage in my bathroom for them. I was getting colonics, trying to exercise, doing essential oils and anything else that was advised. It was only in my desperation that I began taking western drugs. I began taking Humira along with methotrexate which worked well for several years. I felt much better and became somewhat active again.  During this time, I married an amazing man and we were able to enjoy most activities together.

After two years on the meds, the battle inside me was getting worse. I was diagnosed with Lupus, and Sjogren’s Syndrome in addition to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Apparently, Lupus is one of the side effects of Humira.  Once I stopped Humira, I tried most of the other medications available to treat the autoimmune conditions with no success. I was going every month for IV infusions of biologic drugs along with steroids.

The vision I had of myself and my life were crumbling minute by minute.  As a result of the monthly steroid infusions, I developed steroid-induced osteoporosis and the Dr wanted me to take yet another drug.  It was at this point I began to search for a different way. I have always believed that God heals so I began to look at the spiritual component of all these autoimmune diseases.

In 2012, I discovered spiritual roots of disease thru a ministry in Georgia called Be In Health. I attended their seminars and experienced many miraculous healings. (Read more here.) The steroid-induced osteoporosis reversed itself while I was on steroids.  The med tech could not believe the results and neither could my rheumatologist.  The Lupus was also healed and no longer present. It was at this point that I decided to stop all Western drugs and treatment.  (Please consult your physician before you choose to stop treatment).

I jumped into the pursuit of supernatural healing and the spiritual roots of disease. I found great value in this process and experienced emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  I learned that I had a deep fear of rejection, fear of man and really did not understand love. I believed I was unlovable, unworthy, and many times I wondered if I was even needed here on earth.

I grew up with parents that loved and supported me but I did not value myself or others.  The life decisions I made reflected that belief. Over time, I began unraveling a lifetime of junk and I stopped drinking. When I was 40 years old I wrote a letter to God and told Him that I did not believe that I loved Him. I doubted my capacity to truly love anyone, including God. I asked Him to show me how to receive love and how to give love. I wanted to love and be loved. 

Today (2019) I still struggle with RA. I have limited movement and also joint swelling but my heart is whole. I have heart wounds that have been healed and I am seeing that I am of value and I have something to contribute. My journey is mine and it is up to me to maximize it. God is good, He still heals and my hope is for complete healing and restoration. By His stripes, I am healed! (Isaiah 53:5).

During my prayer time recently, I asked the Lord His thoughts on Disease.

D – Do
I – Insist
S – Sickness
E – Ended
A – At
S – Stripes
E – Endured (
Isaiah 53:5)

Thank you for reading this and I want to ask that you not send me any herbal supplements, miracle cures, potions, lotions, dietary advice or pain relieving devices. I would like to ask that you speak life over me and declare that the finished work of the cross manifest in my body so that I have complete restoration of ALL that the enemy has taken. 

While I do not see the complete manifestation of healing, I believe. I pray daily that the Lord helps my unbelief (Mark 9:23-25)! (Much more on this to come)

You can read about my credentials and educational pursuits here. However, I believe that what qualifies me the most is my belief in Jesus and the entire Word of God, the rest is just paper.

If you are interested in how my journey began, click here.

Michelle’s Journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis

5 thoughts on “Michelle’s Journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis

  1. Thank you

    1. Becky, thank you for taking the time to read. I hope that in some way this testimony touched you. Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much for being HOT! We call that in Bible Study, Honest-Open-Transparent. I have only been back into the Kingdom of the Lord’s for 20 months after being out for 17 years when the church (10,000 members) I belonged to asked me to stop asking questions about why they did not teach about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit since they believed that the Holy Bible is the ardent word of God. I could not stop asking the questions and so they asked me to leave the church until I found the answers I was looking for.
    When the Holy Spirit kept after me to get down on my knees at the end of your bed and repent for your sins and ask Jesus back into your heart and life, I said I would if I did not have to go back to a church like the one I left 17 years earlier. Holy Smokes! I was sent right into the Charismatic/Evangelism church movement and started laying on hands to command sickness to leave in the bodies of people.
    BUT, I realized at the healing conferences I attend and watched online that some people, including me, did not get healed and many people where there for their second or third time or even more times to have someone lay hands on them to heal them of the same sickness they have been prayed for many times already. I went forward after service one day and asked for prayer for healing of my food allergies that I had since childhood. The Lord said about a dozen times that I was healed so I gave thanks many times during the day for several weeks for my healing, but the issue came back a few months later when I heard a small voice deep inside of me say, you are not really healed. I thought, I heard about you and Yes I am healed by the stripes of Jesus!! My laying on of hands continues… Then I was told that I needed to quote more healing scriptures in my laying on of hands, and for myself, when praying for people. And so I did. When that did not work, I was told that the people did not have enough faith and they needed to build their faith up. So I would direct them to testimonies online of people being healed and they would come back for healing prayer, only to be disappointed again when their healing did not take place.
    I realized that I was hearing the same cliché from all the pastors and their helpers; we really don’t know why God isn’t healing the people. It is up to God to heal or not to heal. God made healing available to everyone, it’s there, and you just need to have enough faith to receive it. It is the people, they don’t have enough faith, and so on- so on.
    During this time I lost a dear friend to cancer- only a month ago. She was 48 and a messianic Jew who read the bible, quoted healing scriptures, prayed, told all of her Jewish friends and Jewish people she didn’t know, all about Jesus, but died anyway. I know we don’t know the thoughts of others and why they are not receiving healing… and so on.
    I stopped the laying on of hands for several months and stayed at the feet of Jesus until I received the answer to why people, mainly Christians and myself, where not getting healed and that is when I was brought to Dr. Henry Wright’s youtube talks on Allergies. I have been studying his book, A More Excellent Way for several days and decided to try it on myself since I have had food allergies for around 40 years.
    I talked to God about all the forgiveness that I have asked Him for on things since I was a child, about being forgiven of ALL of my sins when I rededicated my heart and life to Jesus, I have been through deliverance prayer, attended many healing conferences, I gave my testimonies of the healings I did receive, I worship Him, I love Him, I try to keep my thoughts on Him, I read over 50 scriptures a day and pray many prayers on healing as He requested me to do, in which my body was healed of severe pain- but it to came back some when I stopped reading them daily, and so I am doing all the text book things a true Christian is suppose to do to build a relationship with Him and to receive healing from Him. But nothing was happening.
    Then I had the idea come to me about talking to my body about how it is always reacting to foods I like to eat. I did not get that from the book, but I thought, well it would be nice to have someone who understood the work of Dr. Wright ask me questions to help me get down to the root of the cause for my food allergies, but since I don’t have anyone available right now, I will just talk to my body, and so I did.
    I said, body, why are you attacking yourself when I eat the foods that I love? Don’t you want to be happy and enjoy life? I want you to stop attacking yourself when I eat foods that I enjoy and start enjoying life again. I have said this to my body for the last 2 days, and guess what happened? I am eating the foods that I enjoy that use to send me into full blown flu like symptoms!!! Hallelujah Thank You Jesus!
    I think I am on to something. Yesterday, I ate a piece of frozen chocolate cream pie that I bought the day before at the store, and I felt my body to start reacting with tightening in my throat to the thought of me eating that piece of pie, and so I said to my body, STOP reacting that way to something that taste so good and that I will enjoy eating. And my body settled down and I ate that piece of pie with so much delight! Hahahahahaha God did give us dominion over everything including our bodies!
    I am grateful that Dr. Wright sat at the feet of Jesus until he started getting revelations about why people are not getting healed. He is so right about not living in the True Will of God and sinning when we don’t even realize we are doing it and causing our own sickness by not being happy, not enjoying life, holding onto bitterness and or unforgiveness, hatred, loneliness, sadness, fear, stress, worry about tomorrow, and so on that do not align with the Word of God, His will for our lives.
    I will leave you with this one thought, talk to your body and tell it what you want it to do and to stop doing. Speak life into your body, and death to the thing that it is doing that causes you to not be fully with God.
    Michelle, I know you will be healed because you are too sitting at the feet of Jesus asking for complete healing. And so I tell your body to stop causing Michelle pain and BE Happy! Body, go find some fun things to do on a regular basis. Think fun thoughts and allow yourself to be loved! In the name of Jesus! Amen
    Love, Lisa

  3. What I have learned from Dr. Henry Wright that I just saw in my notes from listening to his youtube videos is this; I have allowed foods to keep me in a bondage of sickness. I have been in bondage with the symptoms of food allergies and pain in my body. Knowing this has made me mad that I allowed this to happen and that I did not recognize that one simple bit of knowledge about myself and have suffered greatly for decades. I say, NO MORE BONDAGE by foods!

  4. I was told I have Rheumatoid arthritis a little over 5 months ago. My liver is damaged, why I don’t know, but the doctor won’t give me any thing for it because of my liver. I have always thought of myself as a strong Christian woman. Not one day has gone by that I’m not living in pain. It just seems to be tearing me down spiritually. I am trying to find a bible study to get me back on track through pain. I want to use this for God’s glory but can’t stand to be around people because of the pain. I have many things wrong with me like vitamin deficiency, anemia, malnutrition, low D3,ect. Can you lead me in the direction of a bible study in living with pain and praising God through it and being a real witness through it with my life.

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