Spiral Wall Cross


The Spiral Wall Cross is our signature cross. When you look closely at the design, you will notice there is one continuous cut in the steel. It starts at the bottom or foot of the cross, continues round and round until it ends back at the foot of the cross. This represents our Life Walk with Christ.

Available in 12″ and 16″

Watch the short video below to hear David explain the meaning of the Spiral Wall Cross.



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The Spiral Wall Cross is a hand-crafted piece of art. It is highly polished and textured carbon steel. David brings out the color in each piece by using only a blow torch, a process he calls flame-painting. The result is a piece of art that has such depth it appears 3-dimensional.

The Spiral Wall Cross is cut out of one piece of steel although it looks like 5 individual pieces stacked on top of one another. This one continuous piece represents our life walk. It starts at the bottom of the cross & spirals around until it gets to the silver center piece. The colored part represents our life that is filled with light & darkness; a combination of beautiful times we experience & also hard times filled with hurt & pain. When the path finally gets to the bottom of the silver center cross, this represents the washing away of our sins as we come to the foot of the cross. No matter who you are, what you’ve done or how bad you think you’ve been, there is always grace & mercy for you. It’s like the old hymn say, ‘There is room at the cross for you’!

* Smooth finish
* Steel hanger attached


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