A 40-Day Journey to Find Hope

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  • Is life overwhelming you?
  • Do you wonder if you will ever find hope? 
  • Is “GOD HELP ME!” your prayer?
  • Do you doubt that there is hope for your future? 
  • Are you concerned that your situation will never change?

I (Michelle) started on my 40-Day Journey to Find Hope because I had no hope for me or my future. As a Christian Counselor, I was supposed to be full of hope and encouragement. But… I had nothing. I was desperate for hope, I felt like I was heading to a deep, dark pit.

If this describes you then this is the right book for you.

I wrote this devotional for me but have discovered that many people need hope. I am amazed and honored at the response I have received.

We do have Hope and His name is Jesus!


A 40-Day Journey to Find Hope by Michelle Broussard

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