Do Miracles Still Happen??

Do Miracles Still Happen??

From the start of 2022, I just did not feel right. I’m usually high energy but this was not the case. February came along and I started having digestive issues. I was monitoring what I ate and trying to eat smaller servings. This may have helped some, but did not solve the issue. 

Then came March. I was having more pain and on Friday evening, March 11th, I experienced the most pain and thought if this does not let up, I’ll go to ER tomorrow and let them check me out. The next day, I felt better as far as the pain went but I was tired and rested most of the day. The next day, Sunday the 13th, I could hardly keep my eyes open. All I wanted to do was sleep and Michelle took my temperature which was around 101º. We went to the ER. They immediately did a CT on me and realized I had a ruptured appendix, which I now know probably happened on Friday evening. 

The Canton ER immediately transferred me to Christus Trinity Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler where they put me on two different IV antibiotics. I never saw a doctor that night and all day Monday. On Tuesday morning, the trauma surgeon came in and told me she could not believe how strong I was being 69 years old. She told me 95% of men my age would not have survived 24 hours. She also told me they did not want to do surgery right away because if they did, they would have to remove a portion of my colon and other tissue, because I was so inflamed by the infection. She said all the tissue in the area, including other organs, blood vessels and veins were pretty much stuck together with the inflammation and it could be a massive, life-changing surgery. If I was not so healthy, they would have no choice but since I looked healthy and my vitals were good, the surgeons were going to hold off. I am so thankful for the wisdom of these doctors who gave me a chance at letting my body make a comeback.

I was in the hospital for nine days. During this time in the hospital, they ran another three of four CT’s on me. There was no clear abscess they could detect so they could go in and drain the toxins, so they sent me home and scheduled me for another CT in six days. I was not on any antibiotics because they wanted to see if an abscess would form. Within three days, I was back in ER because my temperature went up again and my WBC was up over 20K. The norm for white blood cells is 4.5K - 11K. Again, I was admitted to the same hospital. The next day after another CT the doctor came in and said they could see a very small abscess but did not know if they could actually drain it or not. If they could do this, they would put in a very small tube to drain the toxins out of my abdomen. On the second day (actually 11th day in hospital), a radiologist went into my side with a robotic needle with a CT and sonogram to guide him and he was unsuccessful. He strongly recommended to the doctors that they go ahead and proceed with the surgery. I was not improving. 

The next morning, my doctor came into my room and spoke with Michelle and me. (We had already made up our minds that if they were going to suggest surgery, I was in God’s hands and all would be made good.) The doctor told me that judging from the CT, they should do surgery on me but then told me that she was looking at a healthy man with close to perfect vital statistics. She smiled at me and said she thought I was strong enough to overcome the infection. So she released me to be discharged the following morning with 10 days of oral antibiotics. 

The following morning I was sitting in the lobby of the hospital waiting for Michelle to pick me up and I was having a cup of coffee and praying. I asked the Lord what He had in store for me. Was He going to heal me?

Immediately after the question, everything went black for a moment and then I experienced myself standing on a dirt street and there was a man walking in front of me. Then I heard a commotion behind me and there was a group of men who was leading a blind man by the hand. When they called out to Jesus, the man in front of me turned around. Jesus took the man by the hand and brought him out of the city and He spit in his eyes and asked him what he saw. The man said he could see people, but they were like trees. In other words, they were blurry. Jesus had the man look up and then asked him again and he could then see clearly. (Mark 8:22-26) 

I asked the Lord what this meant and immediately I knew. I was being taken out of the city and going home. The blind man said he could see but could not make things out because everything was ‘blurry’. Then Jesus told him to look up and then everything became clear. I believed the Lord was showing me that the next CT was going to be clear. 

I went home and for eight days, I rested and spent most of my time looking up to the Lord, playing my guitar and worshiping him. I even thanked Him for allowing the vibrations and frequencies of the guitar pressed on my abdomen to bring healing. To top it all off, we get home from the hospital later that day and we have an order on our website for an item that has not sold for over a year on the internet. Each one of my designs have a name. The piece this lady from California ordered is called HEALED! I do not consider this a coincidence. I believe God spoke to us that this was a done deal. 

Every time I got a CT while I was in the hospital, the scans were so murky the doctors could not make out anything. It was all one big mess. Then eight days after being home on oral antibiotics, I went in for another CT and later that morning, had a visit with the doctor. She came in and told me the CT was amazingly cleared up. I was thinking she was going to schedule me for surgery to go in and patch up where my appendix had ruptured. I questioned her to see when she wanted to see me again and she told me there was no reason to see me again. In other words, I was healed! 

I survived a ruptured appendix and ended up having NO SURGERY! I would consider that a major miracle. 

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge HIM in all your ways and HE shall direct your paths. Proverb 3:5-6

Blessings to you and your families!

David & Michelle Broussard