Why Do I Make Crosses?

Why Do I Make Crosses?

David Broussard on Aug 2nd 2019

Over the years many people have asked me why I focus on making crosses when I could make so many other things.

The cross is the most brutal instrument of death – it is cruel beyond imagination. The Bible describes the suffering of Christ on the cross five hundred years before the Romans used it for punishment. From the beginning of my artistic journey I have said that “The cross is God’s chosen instrument for the salvation of man!”

Many businesses make lots of money selling all types of crosses. People use the search term “crosses” millions of times each month and companies capitalize on that. The majority of crosses sold do not have any meaning behind them and are just decorative and look pretty. If my goal was to just make pretty crosses I would have cashed in years ago. 

Several companies wanted to partner with me to have my crosses manufactured in China so they could be sold cheaply to the masses. I do not want my crosses made in a factory with no thought of the meaning behind it. These crosses are a result of my relationship with God and I praise Him while I work. If Paul’s handkerchief could carry the Spirit, so can my crosses. Even as I sign each piece, I am praying that wherever it ends up, people are going to be touched and blessed by it.

I hand-craft my crosses one at a time and there are no two alike. Like us, each cross is unique. It has a story and meaning behind its design. Music arouses certain emotions and prepares the heart to receive a message and each cross I create has a specific message that I want to convey. Each piece presents the Word of God in a way that uses a visual imagery to communicate the written word. For 18 years, I have seen people stand in front of my crosses with tears in their eyes because they are so excited or touched by what they see.

I make these crosses because the Cross changed my life. Someday I’ll write my story but, for now, know that the people who knew me before I was transformed by the risen Christ know that something miraculous happened to me. There is no other way to explain it. Part of my signature on every piece I make is 2 Corinthians 5:17 which states, “I am a new creation in Christ Jesus. The old has passed away and behold, the new has come.”

I owe a debt to my Lord Jesus for saving me from myself. He gave me this gift to share with whomever will stop and see. He is doing a new thing on this earth and part of that new thing, He’s doing through me!

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Michelle and I appreciate your support, thank you!!

David and Michelle