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Stand with the Lion by David Broussard

My mentor in the metal art business is Max Greiner, Jr. He made a bronze sculpture of the Lion of Judah which he donated to the nation of Israel. I was watching the ceremony of the dedication and it was so moving. As soon as it was over, I called Max and told him that it was truly a miracle that Israel placed that sculpture of the Lion in a park overlooking the Wailing Wall. 
When I got off the phone with Max, I picked up my guitar and immediately wrote "Stand With The Lion". I called him back and sang it to him.
"Stand with the Lion" is a call for the church to take their stand with Jesus Who is also called the Lion from the tribe of Judah. He is being attacked from every side.
The enemies of Christianity are many and they are doing their utmost to destroy His great name from the Earth. It will never happen, but it is up to everyone who calls themselves Christian to stand up and be counted for.
Let us rise up and STAND WITH THE LION!
Stand with the Lion

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